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Add new products feature

Recently, as you may notice, we have implemented an ability to add new products to the shops in our service. This feature is only available for shops that are based on Prestashop 1.4 and above, support of the older versions in now planned right now.

For the feature to work, it is necessary to change permission for the Web-service in your shop, detailed information: manual 1.4

You can add products to the shop using the “plus” round button in the shop actions column:

Add new products was the number one demanded feature as the current Prestashop implementation has some shortcomings like an enormous amount of fields and inconvenient image upload interface. Therefore we have made an attempt to improve it:

To simplify interface, we have implemented image upload using the Drag’n'Drop technology, that is available in all modern browsers except Opera.

First uploaded image becomes the “default” product image. Also, the image upload task is started after the product creation in background, and can take some time depending on image number and size. Thus, you can continue to work with the service without need to wait for images to be uploaded.

If the shop is in a broken state (red status indicator) then “add products” action could not be performed and the button would be in a gray disabled state:

As always, new functionality can be tested on the Presta-Test example shop. All changes made will be rolled back once a day.


Published: Oct. 27, 2011


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