Prestashop-Sync Service is aimed to help merchants that use Prestashop platform in solving their everyday routines.

Notice: Prestashop Sync Servive website is not the official PrestaShop site.

Introducing business plan subscription

Hello, as you probably noticed, some time ago we added the link Plans & pricing to the bottom links section of the site. Prestashop-Sync service has been around for more than 1 year already and we are very thankful to everyone who helped us during this time. And now, to move forward, introduce features faster and guarantee the desired quality of service, we will be introducing paid plans since January 1st.

We spent last couple months fixing various Prestashop related product retrieval and update problems and now we consider ourselves stable enough to begin introducing paid plans.

You can read more about those paid plans by following the link above, but till January 1st free plan will not have any limitations. Additionally, for everyone who is already registered or will register before 1st January, we will grant +one month of unlimited period till the 1st February.


Published: Nov. 30, 2012


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