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Prestashop 1.5 support: work in progress

Hi, the brand new Prestashop 1.5 version was released on 13th Septemper. The work on the 1.5 version lasted more than half a year and contains tons of changes, varying from internal core engine changes to completely redesigned front and back offices.

Today Prestashop-Sync announces its initial support for Prestashop 1.5, namely, it is only possible to read product information from Prestashop 1.5 by now. The problem comes with the huge number of changes introduced in the 1.5 version, and unfortunately, not every piece of existing functionality was appropriately tested. Regarding the Prestashop Sync service, there is one bug which blocks the possibility to perform product quantity updates through the web service API: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFV-4260

As soon as this problem is resolved, we will finish the 1.5 version support.


Published: Sept. 23, 2012


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