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Prestashop-Sync updates, January

It’s been a long time since we’ve been here, but we’ve finally come back!

I’ll start with a number of interface improvements.

First, we decided to remove the update button near each product position in favor of single update button and checkboxes for each row. This way you can update multiple products at once with a single click. Also, checkbox can be checked by clicking anywhere inside the row and on it is checked automatically when you start editing quantity. And the most important thing is that this update button is always near the products table when you scroll:

Second, registration form is finally restored. Before it was only possible to login using some social account, like google or facebook, but now we have added our custom registration form in case you want to register directly:

And the most important thing that we made this January is the prestashop module for automatic shop configuration for use with the prestashop-sync service.
Right now module can be downloaded from this url: http://prestashop-sync.com/static/prestashopsync.zip

We have updated the manual to show the use of module and we’re trying to push the module to the addons.prestashop.com so it can be installed directly from there.



Published: Jan. 31, 2012


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