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Internal ID sync type deprecation

Today we are deprecating Internal ID synchronization type and we will replace it with a new default sync type called Prestashop ID from 1st November 2013.

Internal ID sync type was present in our service merely for demonstration purposes, since not everyone already had EAN13 or Reference numbers in his shop. It was known to be unstable in terms of maintaining a consistent product order, and we have always discouraged its use. Now we will replace it with a fully consistent Prestashop ID type.

New Prestashop ID type will consist of 2 parts separated by a dash, with the former part representing a product ID, and the latter part representing a combination ID if the product is a combination, and 0 otherwise (for example, 11-0, 11-1).

All shop owners still using the deprecated Internal ID sync type are required to upgrade as soon as possible.


Published: Oct. 19, 2013


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