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Update reports for CSV updates

Few days ago Prestashop Sync Service introduced a long-awaited update reports feature.

In a nutshell, update reports are email notifications that inform you how many products were updated and most importantly inform if there were any errors during the update. Since the service performs update operations in background, it cannot notify about the results of the operations directly from the interface. Therefore update reports will keep you informed without need to manually check if products were actually updated.

Update reports currently work for both CSV file updates from the web interface and scheduled updates.

A typical update report might look like this when viewed in gmail:

In the future, we also plan to include detailed product update information to the reports.

If there were some error, the update report will contain the detailed error messages for those errors, like this one:

Usually when you are able to retrieve the data from your shop, there should be no issues with updating it. The most often problem that could happen here is that your hosting provider has intentionally configured his servers to block HTTP PUT requests, which Prestashop API uses for update operations. Thus if you ever see the “HTTP 403” error like in the example above, you should probably contact your hosting support and ask for clarifications.


Published: Aug. 19, 2013


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