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User Manual

Service description

Prestashop-sync service allows you to easily update product quantity in your shop using either CSV file or service web-interface. To synchronize product quantity in your shop each product should should be associated with a unique ID, including different product combinations. Prestashop-sync service provides several options to do this:

If you are going to use CSV file to perform product quantity updates and use external inventory system to generate this CSV file, then it is recommended to use unique indentification based on EAN13 barcodes, because they are more reliable and guaranteeing long-term (eternal) uniqueness of IDs. Even if products in your shop do not have registered EAN13-barcodes, you can invent some unique 13-digit numbers by yourself.

Prestashop-sync service supports both Prestashop 1.3 and 1.4 versions. Neccessary procedures to configure your shop for use with Prestashop-sync web-service are described below. Please notice that configuration is different for different Prestashop versions.

Prestashop 1.4

Automatic setup using prestashopsync module

Go to the Modules tab in the shop back office interface, then press Add a module for my computer and paste the following link in the url:

Then find a module under the Administration list and press Install:

Configure email and password for service access:

Then you need to re-generate the .htaccess file, by navigating to Tools ⇒ Generators, then press the "generate .htaccess file" button:

Manual setup

Prestashop 1.4 has its own API interface to access shop data, so you need to configure Prestashop as follows to start using it:

Prestashop 1.5

The service works with Prestashop 1.5 starting from version 1.5.1.

Automatic setup using prestashopsync module

Download Prestashop Sync module from the following link: Then go to the Modules tab in the back office interface, press Add new module button, choose downloaded archive and upload it:

Then find a module under the Administration list and press Install:

Configure email and password for service access:

Press Install prestashop-sync integration.
Login to the service!

Manual setup

Prestashop 1.5 has an API interface to access the shop data, so you need to configure Prestashop as follows to start using it:

Incorrect value for secret key error

If you did everything as written above and the service keeps responding to you with the Incorrect value error, neither can you log in to the /api through a browser, there might be some issue with your hosting configuration. However, often it is a configuration issue with the Apache rewrite module on your server that prevents shop from behaving correctly. To mitigate this issue, you need to create a file named .htaccess in the webservice directory of your website root. Inside the file, paste the following code:

    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
        RewriteEngine on
        RewriteRule .* - [E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%{HTTP:Authorization},L]
Now check if you can access the API.

Working with the service

Get products data

When configuration is finished, you can load products data from your shop. To do this, you should correctly fill the fieds in the first top form, as shown on the screenshot below:

Finally, to get products data, press Get products data button.

The form is filled with our test shop data by default, thus you can simply press Get products data button and play with our test shop.

Update products data

Using the service interface

After getting products data, the service interface will move page to the product data table, an example of such table for our test shop is shown on the screenshot below:

In this table you can see all existing product along with the all possible combinations.
The interface is built such way that you can update every product quantity directly from the table, just type in the new quantity in the field near to the desired product, and then press Update button.

It is also possble to save the product data in a CSV file format for the later use in the bulk update. (more on this below).

Using CSV file

Another way to update product quantity (and other attributes) is through a CSV file.
First, you should eiter select a file in the CSV Update File field, eiter drag'n'drop file to the special form region marked as Drag file here to upload and validate. Then click on the Update prestashop data button. In case of successful producs data update, the service will inform you with the following message:

Working with a shop list

Prestashop-Sync service also allows to save all your shop configurations, and then switch between them seamlessly withour need to re-enter settings.

The shop list by default contains a single test shop -, and it looks like this:

Adding a shop

To add a new shop to the list, you can use Add shop button at the bottom of the list panel, and this button will open a shop adding form:

Or you can first load shop data using Shop Load Form and on successful load you will see a suggestion to save the shop:

Editing a shop

You can edit a saved shop by pressing the following icon in the shop actions column :

Besides changing fields that were filled when the shop was added, here you can also set up automatic product updates. Automatic updates work in following way:

  1. You place CSV file available somewhere in the internet. This CSV-file should contain desired product updates
  2. Then type in the CSV file addess in theUpdate File URL file, set the desired update interval and save the changes.
  3. After the above actions completed, you will have products quantity and other attributes updated automaticate at regular intervals based on data from your CSV file.

Loading shop products data

To load products data from a saved shop you should just click the shop title:

Adding new products to the shop

Using the service interface

Adding products to the shop is done by pressing the following icon in the shop actions column :

Add products form has only the most important fields: title, category, price, quantity and description. To load product images you should drag them inside specially marked area.
After pressing submit button you will receive confirmation that all products were added:

Using CSV File

To add products using CSV file, first click the same icon in the shop actions column :

Then, istead of filling data in the fields, just drop your CSV File to the left bottom rectagle with "Drag csv file for bulk upload here." title. CSV File format specification is described later in the manual. And you can always drag a cursor over the question mark near the title to see a hint about CSV file format:

After uploading CSV, you will see boxes for uploading product-specific images for products defined in CSV file. First uploaded image will be set as default for the product:

Product images are loaded in background mode, thus their appearance in the shop may be deferred depending on the image size and amount.

CSV files

CSV file is a text file where data items are separated with commas. The following sections define CSV files used in Prestashop-sync service operations.

All CSV files should have UTF-8 encoding.

Update CSV file format

CSV file for the products update should have the following format:


ID is a unique product ID (EAN13, Reference or Supplier Reference),
QUANTITY is a numerical product quantity,
PRICE - new product price.

Attributes inside square brackets are completely optional.

Add products CSV format

CSV file for adding products should have the following format:


TITLE is a product title,
CATEGORY - product category, either text or ID,
PRICE - numerical product price,
QUANTITY - numerical product quantity,
DESCRIPTION - product description, can be empty.

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